Underground Training

Take your training underground

Underground training, the latest fitness craze, uses unconventional methods and weights (like sandbags and kettlebells) for intense cardiovascular workouts.

In “farmer walks,” participants carry bars with handles and weight loaded on each end. Some sling sledgehammers onto tyres. The workout is much more demanding but takes less time overall, as several areas are worked at the same time.

The idea is to exercise the body as one unit, instead of isolating areas (as in regular strength training).

How does it work?

We always start with a 10-15 minute warm up. After the warm up we explain and demonstrate the exercises for the circuit. We also give feedback on technique during the circuit. We always have 8 workout stations with the goal of going around 3 times. We pair everyone up and ask each pair to choose an exercise to begin at. Each pair then designates one person in the pair to go first. We then give everyone a countdown. 3-2-1-go! After the countdown, the person designated to go first begins exercising. After 30 seconds is up the first person in the pair rests while the second person does the same exercise. After another 30 seconds is up the second person in the pair rests while the first person moves to the next workout station does 30 seconds of exercise and so on. We don’t give you a certain amount of repetitions to do in 30 seconds like most personal trainers do. Instead the idea is to do as many repetitions as possible in 30 seconds whilst maintaining good technique. Once the circuit is complete we have some downtime which usually involves doing some static stretching and chatting about how hard the circuit was!