I was a little nervous at first as to whether I would keep up with the others or could do all the exercises but each workout was tailored to my initial capabilities and I progressed from there
Renegade is truly the most encouraging, motivating and downright fun fitness class I’ve ever come across. It didn’t take me long for me to see the results in my muscle tone and weight loss and I can say without a doubt that this is the fittest I’ve ever been. Rog is always excited to add new and interesting exercises and equipment which keeps the class fresh. I would definitely recommend Renegade Gym!
, Brisbane Jul 17, 2012

I have experienced a steady increase in my strength particularly through my core, which has noticeably helped my running and cycling form
Renegade Gym has provided me with the new challenge I was looking for. If your looking for a motivating workout environment to push you through your fitness plateau I would definitely recommend Renegade Gym.
, Brisbane Jul 17, 2012

I feel so much stronger and my body has become so much more toned since starting this training
Renegade Gym is not your ordinary gym, in it you will find no fancy equipment, no plasma screen tvs and no air-conditioned rooms; just plain old fashioned training. By being taken back to the basics it has made me concentrate so much more on the exercises themselves and focusing on pushing myself harder, rather than breezing through a workout as a result of being distracted by the tv’s or what’s on my ipod. The training is run in a circuit with 30 seconds rest in between each exercise, this type of high intensity training really gets your heart rate up and challenges your stamina. I find it a very effective workout.
, Brisbane Jul 17, 2012

Recommend Renegade to anyone contemplating having a crack at some activity. The staff are 2nd to none, the clients are nothing short of encouraging and inspiring. Try it out. You'll be glad you did!!!
Dec 28, 2013

Great variety, terrific motivation - an all-round great experience
As a long distance runner, I was looking for a cross-training activity that would give me some variety, a more overall fitness and raise my fitness levels to improve my running. All of this and more has happened in the six short weeks since starting sessions at Renegade. This was the best choice i've made in years for my fitness and I really appreciate the high level of skill (fitness-wise and interpersonal) from Roger, Sabina, Chris and the rest of the team. You create a really warm and inviting atmosphere, which makes the gym feel like a supportive community. Thanks heaps guys.
, Nundah Oct 15, 2012

I started attending Renegade after feeling unfit and finding myself having difficulty doing normal household taskes like turning on tight taps and moving furniture. I also use to get injured a lot trying to exercise at the gym. 18 months of training with Renegade has fixed that completely! I feel more toned, am stronger (no more losing to taps and sauce jars) and haven't been injured. The variety of exercises and constant supervision by trainers has made all the difference.
Jan 23, 2013

My husband and I have been going to Renegade Gym for over two and a half years and it has changed our lives. My husband lost 12 kilos in the first 6 months of training and we have both become strong, toned and fit. I have also noticed a marked improvement in my coordination, balance and physical awareness. But the results aren't the only reason that we have stuck at it. Put simply; Renegade Gym is fun! Where else do you get to yell encouragement at the top of your lungs or flip massive truck tyres?! Renegade Gym has a fantastic atmosphere where participants push each other to go faster, jump higher and punch harder. I really look forward to the training sessions each week and I absolutely recommend Renegade Gym.
Sep 7, 2012

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